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Mikael Media Makes Business Easy


Online business products in the cloud

Your online preference is the most important aspect to consider if you have a company in this day of age. We supply products to cover basically all of your needs. All from websites to booking systems and inventory and shop solutions. Everything is made with the focus of simplicity. So our products is crazy strong yet so simple to handle that you don't need to be an expert to use them. Everyone can use them, they are that simple!

CMS Website Made Easy

Easy CMS website that you create without the need to code anything. Just simply click on what you want to edit and save, it's as simple as that. Everything is template based to speed up the process of building your site, yet everything is editable so that you can make your website stand out in the crowd.


Online Shop Made Easy

Set up your online web shop in a few minutes. This system is made to be easily integrated with your Mike Website. Simply add the products to Mike Shop, then choose on the website which ones you want to display. It has never been easier to sell online! You can also use this product in combination with your inventory and physical store. Simply connect it to Mike Till and you are good to go. As simple as it gets!


Online Marketing Made Easy

Effective and easy to create online marketing used to be a hassle, but we have simplified it. We cover all your basic needs for marketing, SMS solutions, Email solutions, SEO implementations and much more.


Mikael Media is a customer driven company

We strive to make our products as strong for you as they are for us. That's why we use the products our selves. For example our website is created with Mike Website. So when we find something that works good for our business then we add them into our products so that you can enjoy it as well. We are here to make Mike Group the strongest brand and have the most successful of clients using our products that we create together.